Visiting Fellowship programme

Job Details

The AirQo visiting fellowship programme is open to scholars and practitioners who wish to contribute to the social impact work that we do at AirQo.

The fellowship is open to persons from a wide range of disciplines including public health, environmental sciences, computer sciences, mathematics, engineering, communications, and public policy.

Visiting fellows are non-paid positions and do not primarily require financial assistance from AirQo. Fellows may also participate in research dissemination on behalf of AirQo, in which case the logistical arrangements will be met by AirQo. The fellowship period can range from 3 to 12 months dependent on the nature of the project and collaboration.

Examples of fellowship include but not limited to:

  • Participation in scientific research and academic writing for a specific project that aligns with the AirQo priorities and technical expertise of the fellow.
  • Contributing to product development and deployment, for example, applied machine learning in air quality; user experience research;
  • Research translation into policy and impact
  • Undertaking a specific study, for example, the impact of air quality on a segment of the population

Application process

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Apply for the AirQo visiting fellowship programme

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