With over 80 installations, we are continuously scaling up our low-cost air quality monitoring network in Uganda, making us the leading air quality data monitoring, analysis and modelling platform within the region. Collaborate with us as we use data to improve air quality.

Good (0-12)
Moderate (12.1 - 35.4)
Unhealthy for sensitive groups (35.6 - 55.4)
Unhealthy (55.5 - 150.4)
Very Unhealthy (150.5 - 250.4)
Hazardous (250.5 - 500.4)

PM2.5 - Particulate Matter

Know Your Air

The first step towards improving air quality is being able to monitor it, quantify prevailing pollution levels while identifying sources, to inform mitigation actions for individuals and policymakers.

Know the air in locations that matter to you

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