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The AirQo Monitor

The AirQo monitor is designed to monitor PM 2.5, and PM 10, location details, internal and external temperature,atmospheric pressure, and humidity, whilst transmitting data over 2G network that is predominately available in many parts of Africa. The device is very portable and can be deployed statically or mounted on mobiles like motorcycle taxis and vehicles to provide spatio-temporal pollution snapshots.

Our signature low-cost air quality monitoring device is built locally and uniquely designed to withstand the physical environmental conditions such as dust and extreme weather conditions and optimised to work in settings characterised by unreliable power and intermittent internet connectivity, typical in a sub-Saharan African setting. The device has also been co-located with BAM1020 at the US Embassy in Kampala and they correlate well with R2 value between 0.87 and 0.90.

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AirQo Analytics

Analytics enables registered users to access detailed authorised data sources and easily monitor air quality data through various options like maps, charts, notifications and customizable reports.

Upon uptake, a customised dashboard is provided to the use which includes

A map of all permitted devices with customisable visuals for current, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual means for PM 2.5, PM 10, or other pollutant parameters


Forecast chart 24-48 hour forecast across the network informed by temporal modelling and including confidence intervalsshowing multiple specific devices, to group devices according to categories and to vary time period of reporting.


Alternative map taking the form of a heatmap showing values across the area of focus with the option to view the degree of confidence in that forecast. Informed by spatial modelling


Project: Customised charts for institutional users to monitor air quality against specific objectives or other variables on demand showing multiple specific devices, to group devices according to categories and to vary time period of reporting.


Historic charts showing the mean of all devices over the previous 24 hours by default but can be tailored by users, options to select sources e.g. PM 2.5, and PM 10, gases etc,showing multiple specific devices, to group devices according to categories and to vary time period of reporting.


Data can be downloaded and each chart exported in preferred formats. The charts can also be added to an editable report template for reproduction at regular intervalsincluding weekly, quarterly or annually.showing multiple specific devices, to group devices according to categories and to vary time period of reporting.


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Our Analytics Dashboard


API is targeted at developers who want to incorporate air quality data (current conditions, hourly forecasts and hourly historical data) within their respective applications.

Registered data users are able to extract their own data or incorporate it into a code without having to go through the datamaster process. It can be integrated in CMS Plugin, Open Source Projects, Browser Extension, Mobile Apps, JS library, JQuery Plugin, Desktop Apps and Web Apps.

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Research and Consulting

We are increasingly commissioning research works while actively collaborating with partner interests to jointly tackle various research problems. We explore multifaceted research models with the following primary focus:

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Policy Research

Because of our expertise and data-driven approach, we are actively involved in policy discussions with key government entities and development partners on top of the policy agenda. We are keen to collaborate and lead research and studies on policy implications of air pollution, state of air quality, policy briefs, guidance notes, position statements, among many other areas.


Academic research

AirQo is primarily a research initiative, based in one of Africa’s leading universities. We take a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses IoT and sensing technology, AI and machine learning, temporal and spatial modelling, air quality and meteorological science, urban planning and public health and are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with partners across these fields and more to bring forward understanding of air quality issues in sub-Saharan Africa.


Industry Consulting

AirQo offers a consultancy service providing access to our expertise to help in providing historic air quality data, conduct location-specific monitoring and surveys, and understand emissions profiles. These insights can assist organisations to take steps to minimise impact on communities and explore compliance with current and forthcoming legislation. Revenue from these services contributes to our ongoing research in the field.