We work with partners to turn data into impact

At AirQo, our focus is on collecting, storing, analysing, modelling and sharing air quality data that will be the foundation for achieving our vision of clean air for all African cities.

To achieve this vision we are committed to working in partnership with researchers, decision makers, NGOs, community leaders and other agents of change who will ensure the data has maximum impact.

Research community

AirQo has a growing network of over 80 bespoke air quality monitors in Kampala and wider Uganda. As a research initiative of Makerere University, Africa's highest ranking university outside of South Africa, we maintain the highest standards in data collection and analysis for publication in quality journals.

We are excited to work with partners who put this data to full use in building understanding of air quality, its challenges and solutions across Africa.

  • Collaborate on new projects that will increase the scope of our work and lead to joint publications

  • Build a secure, Africa-wide repository of high quality air data

  • Provide researchers with access to our database to support their research

  • Create a forum for debate and a data-driven, solutions-focused approach to air quality in Africa.

Contact us now at  if you are a university or NGO research institution interested in partnering with us to solve air quality related challenges across Africa

Policy action

As global understanding of air quality and its impact on public health grows, the issue is receiving more interest from the public, media and policymakers at all levels. Without data, local decision makers are unable to identify the scale of the problem or understand the best solution for their context. AirQo fills that gap by providing decision makers with solutions to address these very real and immediate challenges at the local,  national and regional levels.

  • Consult on developing a local, low cost bespoke air quality monitoring network package

  • Analyse existing data and model spatial and temporal air quality

  • Develop achievable, data driven policies to improve air quality 

  • Support practical solutions such as working groups and public awareness campaigns.

  • Promote knowledge sharing at the community, city and national lev

Contact us now at  if you are a local or national government interested in partnering with us to improve air quality in your area.

Public awareness

Increasing awareness of air quality issues among the community is a powerful force for change. We use social and traditional media campaigns, events, workshops and visits to community organisations such as schools, local groups, employee organisations, NGOs and those keen to understand air quality, its challenges and how to solve them.

  • School engagement activities as standalone events or curriculum tie-in

  • Community interviews and experiments - share your experience of air quality good and bad

  • Media engagement, we are happy to interviews about our work or a specific topic

  • Community events if your community would like to participate in a trial or explore ways of improving air quality or you have a story to tell please get in touch.

Contact us now at  if you are interested in partnering with us to raise awareness of air quality issues

Industry engagement

As more is known about the challenges of air quality, businesses, the public and government are becoming more concerned about the credentials of their suppliers. Regulation is expected in the near future and it is in the interest of industry to be aware of their contribution. This benefits producers by demonstrating their community credentials, ensuring the health of their employees and also being aware of the challenges and acting ahead of time to provide data and avoid fines and other penalties.

AirQo can work with industry

  • Install sensors on premises and conduct an audit of emissions

  • Create an action plan to reduce emissions to meet international guidelines

  • Promote examples of positive action

  • Generate reports and analysis to highlight changes and their impact

Contact us at:  if you are a business interested in partnering with us