We work with partners to turn data into impact

Prevent, Protect and Participate.

At AirQo, our focus is on collecting, storing, analysing, modelling and sharing air quality data that will be the foundation for achieving our vision of 'Clean Air for All African Cities.' To achieve this, we are committed to working in partnership with key government entities, researchers, schools, like-minded organisations, local community leaders, private sector organisations and other agents of change who will ensure that the data we provide has maximum impact.

Our Partners

We seek to grow our research community by collaborating on new projects that will increase the scope of our work and lead to joint publications whilst providing researchers with access to our database to support their research.
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We work with key government entities at both local and national level by offering data, insights and recommendations on the state of current air quality, recent trends and policy guidance on how to manage air quality.
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As more is known about the challenges of air quality, businesses, the public and government are becoming more concerned about the credentials of their suppliers. Regulation is expected in the near future and it is in the interest of industries to be aware of their contribution. This benefits producers by demonstrating their community credentials, ensuring the health of their employees and also being aware of the challenges and acting ahead of time to provide data and avoid fines and other penalties.
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Private Sector

Our Offer

  • Developing local, low cost bespoke air quality monitoring network packages
  • Analysing existing data and model spatial and temporal air quality
  • Developing achievable, data driven policies to improve air quality
  • Supporting practical solutions such as working groups and public awareness campaigns.
  • Promoting knowledge sharing on air quality at the community, city and national level.

Existing Partners


Contact us now at if you are a local or national government interested in partnering with us