Kenya's Daily Nation Reports: 14,000 die annually in Kenya due to air pollution: report

More than 14,300 Kenyans die every year from health conditions which can be traced back to indoor air pollution, a new United Nations report has revealed. Wood and kerosene, which are behind most of the pollution, are still the dominant fuels used by the poor for cooking and lighting in the country. Pneumonia is one of the biggest killers associated with air pollution and has led to half of all the global deaths associated with air pollution. The UN report titled “Actions on Air Quality” also revealed that car exhaust fumes contribute to 40 per cent of the particulate matter air pollution in urban areas. Imported second hand vehicles and frequent traffic jams in urban areas, along with poor vehicle maintenance have exacerbated the air pollution problem in the country. Motorised transport is one of the fastest growing sectors in Kenya, with an average growth rate of 12 per cent per year for light duty vehicles. More at