How It Works

The AirQo devices have been deployed both at static locations and motor bikes (locally known as boda-boda) in Kampala city.  Deploying the AirQo devices on a boda-boda allows data collection from various areas that the bodas moves to. We believe that the results from this exercise will also provide insights into the air pollution exposure by the boda-boda riders as well as passengers.  We are working closely with the boda-riders in Kampala suburbs. The bodas in Kampala are re-known to move almost everywhere and thus provides more spatial coverage that the static/fixed AirQo devices.

Boda boda deployment

We are working with Kampala Capital City Authority for the static deployment. So far we have deployed four AirQo devices in selected areas of in and around Kampala city.

Static AirQo device deployment in Kampala city


The collected is processed and visualisations are generated for the air quality levels.